Stage play: august 2018

Thank you for visiting the website of Tony Tini Tone Productions, where our slogan is Our stories, our way!

We would like to welcome you to audition for the stage play that will be the hit of 2018. It's an exciting, thought-provoking production that explores the nature of wealth, corruption and power.

The auditions will take place on Saturday the 5th of May 2018 from 9 a.m. The location is Westlands Commercial Centre, Block A1, Suite 3 (Westlands Commercial Centre can be found on Ring Road Parklands and is opposite the Kenrail Towers. To access the Google Map of the location check out this link.)

The successful candidates will be notified by Friday the 11th of May 2018, with rehearsals beginning at 12p.m. on Saturday the 12th of May 2018 (location TBD).  Rehearsals will take place on Mondays from 5:30PM - 8PM and Saturdays from 12PM - 4PM. We hit the stage in late August.

We shall be auditioning the following characters:

  • WB: Protagonist. Man in his late 20s
  • Sam: Man in his 40s, WB's uncle and mentor
  • Sophia: Woman in her late 20s possibly early 30s. Daughter to Sam’s business associate/rival Max and WB’s love interest
  • Melphon: Man in his 30s and deal maker extraordinaire. Child of a politician and Sophia’s acquaintance
  • Ma: WB’s overbearing mother, guilt trip expert and constant victim
  • Betina: Sam Mwende’s teenage daughter, spoilt and entitled
  • Tom: Sam Mwende’s CFO in his 30s, clever and honest

To participate in the auditions kindly fill out this form.

Auditions are 100% free. We will only contact successful candidates who have filled out the above form.

Should you have any enquiries, the quickest way to get in touch is by filling out the form on our contact page. Alternatively, please give Evelyne a call on 0733 613 159